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      Our History


Our mission statement: "Foxy Monster is dedicated to the mission of spreading love, smiles, and goofiness, while keeping heads and necks warm. Reversible fake fur hoods with ears. For Adults, Children, and Babies. Increasing cuteness by 400%!" It is true.

Foxy Monster Bear Hoods have been around since 2005, although the first couple batches were a little less "yummy". It all started with a friend whose nickname was Bad Advice Bear. Then our Burning Man camp needed a new theme. We became "The Bad Advice Bears" and I ended up sewing nineteen bear suits for my dear friends. Who knew that would be the start of a wonderful business?

We are a small, local, hand-made business, dedicated to the 'slow money' movement. Basically that means investing our business income back into our local economy. We have a few people who help with our production. They are great friends, paid well, and local. We refuse to send our production overseas because a) we disagree with that type of carbon footprint, b) we think jobs are needed here in America, and c) if we want to live in a stable economic community, it is in our best interest to strengthen our local economy.

So, in a nutshell, what it really comes down to, is this: We LOVE what we're doing!! We are blessed to meet AWE-INSPIRING people who quickly become friends. It feels really special to have a "friend-maker" or "ice-breaker'' object--a Bear Hood-- that gives us an opportunity to draw out the funnest people at an event. We thank our lucky stars, and are committed to spreading the Foxy Monster Bear Hood energy as far and wide as possible. If you have bought a Bear Hood, or are planning on buying one, THANK YOU! Thank you for making our dream a reality, and thank you for spreading love, smiles, and goofiness!



About Our Hoods and Accessories

​                      All of our hoods are :

  • 100% lovingly handmade in California, USA. 
  • Completely reversible - Like two hoods in one! 
  • Will increase cuteness by 400% guaranteed. 

We are constantly changing our fabric prints and materials to create the widest variety of styles.That makes it stay fresh and fun for us, and we know that our customers are unique and are best expressed as such. (Especially you festival friends!) We also have tried and true color combos that are classic. Why change a good thing, right?

Foxy Monster is aiming for a Zero Waste product. For us that means we save all the fabric scraps and use them as stuffing for dog pillows. 

We enjoy donating our hoods to different causes, including all sorts of auctions, and the disabled snow sports for children. As our business grows, we will continue to donate and support local causes, because it feels really good.




 Our hoods are made with a lot of Love. If cared for correctly, they should last for years to come. 

When it's time to clean your hood, simply pull the two pieces away from each other and wash on gentle cycle with cold water. 

Line dry.


 * Synthetic fur will melt! *

     The Faces of Foxy



We are lucky enough to have a big bear family that helps in many ways - big & small.

{Foxy Monster Team Bios Coming Soon!!}

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